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Women’s Day tribute

My mom was always rescuing waifs and strays and not necessarily just four-legged ones. We had a maid (more like a housekeeper) who's 'husband' turned out had already been married in the age-old tradition of the villages in the 60s - where there was child marriage and the little girl stays at her mother's until she reaches puberty. I'd like to think this practice is dead but sadly it is still perpetuated. Anyhow - I digress.

This young child bride came to the town we grew up in and brought her very cute, chubby young son in the late sixties. The 'husband' spent more time with our ex-housekeeper (had three kids before confessing about his marriage) than with his young child bride and my mother took great umbrage at this injustice and took her under her wing.

This young girl (in very traditional custom) could barely read or write accepted her lot but was very very grateful to my mom. We loved having a live doll to play with while she helped my mother with the house and took great care of us. She has become an extension of our family. Indeed we still keep in touch with them.

What really inspired me is what followed about 5-6 years later. Our ex-housekeeper died in a tragic accident that also took the life of one of her three children - leaving the other two (a girl and a boy) orphaned. Without a blink, she just took them both under her wing and treated them as her own. I defy anyone that sees them together to tell me which is her natural son and which are the adopted.

She leads by example. She treats each one the same. I do not think that anyone educated or otherwise could have shown the grace, class or total absence of any prejudice the way she lives, loves and cares for her family. All of them. Including us.

Koshidi, I love you. Always.

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