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Where is that accent from?

Like anyone, especially in this part of the world, the first time I meet a person – no matter where or why – I am always curious about where they are from – nationality, accent etc. That's what I love about this part of the world – the diversity. And most of the time, I can place the accents. Except a few times – and these are really odd because they are quite unexpected.

I was interviewing someone for a story. This guy was a lovely sardar (a Sikh) and while we were chatting (thank God I had a tape recorder) because I was completely thrown by his accent. It was not Indian, English, American – ones that you could expect. But it was an accent that was familiar and I was racking my brains to place the accent. It was like a piece in a jigsaw that I was becoming fixated with. Until he gave me my clue. He mentioned Singapore and that was it. This guy had a Singaporean accent! A sign of the times!!

When I mentioned the incident to a friend, more as an anecdote, she mentioned being thrown by a Omani (in full local dress) speaking with a strong Scottish accent.

I bet most people in Dubai or for that matter any of the cosmopolitan cities, have come across accents that don't match the person!

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