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When religion lets you down

I think religion is personal and none of anyone’s business. But sometimes this is flaunted as an excuse to not do a job, or not hire someone or many other reasons. I wonder what religion says about letting others down? Or judging others just because they are different?
Recently at work, we employed some students (part time) to work on a campaign and one of them was a bit worried because he was religious and would need time for his prayers etc. We had no problem as long as the job got done. He was enthusiastic and switched on. But he left a week later citing religious reasons – he could not work in an office where women worked.
Very disappointing since he knew what he was getting into. Now we have to go back to the drawing board in the middle of our campaign and explain to our clients why we are a little bit behind. I wonder what his religion says about responsibility of not letting us down at such short notice. 

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