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What #MyDubai gets right

I have been pondering posts for a while now. I wanted my first post to be meaningful and positive. I thought long and hard and this post has been playing in my head for a while now. Here is what #MyDubai means to me and what it gets so right.

  • Using technology for the convenience of online banking, paying DEWA, Phone bills and all utilities without moving a muscle or having to interface with condescending or ignorant staff (especially banks)
  • Using all its marketing skills to make sure that landmarks are well sign-posted so you (or any visitor) will never really get lost and if you are - the Dubai Police are the most helpful I have found
  • Being able to get a cab (most of the time) but just picking up the phone - and I include services like Uber and Careem too
  • Letting us (as resident expats) enjoy the freedom to be who we are and enjoy whatever we want (within reason and with respect to local customs) and keeping the balance of tolerance
  • For sharing experiences and opening up the possibilities of trying new experiences with a lot more ease than we would have in our own home countries (contrary to some of the 'whingers' you find in most online forums)


A helping hand

A helping hand

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