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What I get out of Twitter

There are the lofty articles about all the good stuff about Twitter – this one is what I personally get out of it. And since its my 'ramblings', it may only make sense to me. But if it makes sense to you too or you think of what you get out of Twitter, maybe you'd like to share. Because there are so many layers to this social media thing – as many as there are people I imagine. I may be missing something.

So here goes.

  1. It has broken stereo types: Whether I want to or not, there are stereotypes in my head (as there are in others). What I am so pleased about Twitter is we do not (at least the ones I communicate on Twitter on a more regular basis – bots don't count) think about age, sex (okay we asked @cookiemonster and @wildpeeta a lot of questions) or nationality. It is just our level of understanding and communicating that counts. Or is that the kind of people we get on Twitter in Dubai? At first, I was pleasantly surprised every time my stereotype was broken, but I am less surprised these days. AND I LOVE IT!
  2. It has created a community: I don't know about others but the Tweeters I follow and who follow me (sorry if I have not followed you back – I probably don't know you're following me) have created this community that teases, encourages, brings you down to earth, debates, and gets together to help each other out. Most of us meet informally and formally in person, strenghthening these ties.
  3. It has inspired me: When you come across people like @alexandermcnabb who is so willing to help you learn how to get the most out of Twitter or the likes of @masarat, @TedxDubai, or how the whole community got involved to support the Twestival, I have been inspired to pay this forward and do something to make sure that I contribute even if it is to feel self-satisfied.
  4. I have gained new friends: I have made new friends that I would probably have never met before, renewed friendships/acquaintance with people I have not spent time with, learnt something new about people I've been around and known for a while.
  5. I have learnt: I have been more up to date on what has been happening around me and (possibly) the region thanks to Twitter

Of course there are all the business reasons – those are there too. But these are personal.

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