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English: India Gate, Delhi There has been a lot of talk, speculation, protests, debates regarding the Delhi rape (may the poor girl rest in peace) but I have refrained because people better and more knowledgeable than I have weighed in.


Two recent posts have urged me to add my two pennies. One was a post by an Australian lady (married and living in India) where she makes a very very good point: Its not just the men but the society that ends up victimising these women (haven't they suffered enough?) and their families. There were a lot of men at that protest and I think its commendable that they are rallying round our women but had the victim survived - which of them would have considered marrying her? Which of the women in the protests would have welcomed her or any other rape victim into their household as their daughter-in-law?


As an Indian, I have seen how society is quick to blame the woman first. I was blessed - my family have brought us up to be balanced and there were no differences made between men and women. But I know how society works.  Its appalling. Unless that attitude changes - lets hope this recent incident is the catalyst - we're not going anywhere. According to news reports, while one part of the country has been protesting, there have been rapes elsewhere. Ashish Panjabi made some excellent points in his post: India, mind your language where he shares that as a society we denigrate women when we have to find the worst ways to swear.


The stats shared by Mich on her post: Call for zero rape tolerance in 2013 are scary.


India, can we please change the way we think and support our sisters and daughter. If we support them, society will too. After all, WE are the society.


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