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We don't read Arabic

I know I should be ashamed to say this - but despite living here for 20 years I don't read, write or speak Arabic. I have the few odd words here and there. Not that it makes it better, but I am not the only one.

And I wish the likes of Google, Facebook et al trying to curry favours with the region would realise that a very large percentage of people living in the UAE are in the same boat as me. You would think they research these things but its mind boggling how these things work.

Just a simple think. I downloaded TweetDeck to keep me update in real time on Twitter as well as Facebook but you need to ensure that you are logged in. Since everything was in English, I clicked on log in so I could be updated on Facebook but the log in form was in Arabic with no option to switch to English. I tried guessing and in the end had to ask my Arabic colleague to help me out.

Please Facebook, Google, Microsoft all you big wigs, if you want to be smart and recognise that I live in the Middle East by coming up in Arabic because I live here, at least put a small link to switch to English for us simple cretins with no Arabic.

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