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Waxing lyrical

Waxing lyrical

Most people that know me or meet me know that I am the eternal optimist. Even at 62. I am not ashamed of being enthusiastic about new experiences, of good customer service, people, food, family.

One of my favourite things to enthuse about is local initiatives. Today I am talking about two businesses - both favourites - that epitomise what customer service is about. In my opinion, this customer service is not about perfect service but about transparency, and the ability to know that they will take care of you. You forgive the smallest mistakes and sometimes overlook them.


I am helping my friends, the Al Awadhi brothers, relaunch WildPeeta.  I love the way they involve us in every step, on every decision. They did that the first time around but they're doing it again. They are at the taste phase and are in the process of about to open. So, of course I am lending them my taste buds (you have to sacrifice for the good stuff!!!) along with others in #GoamPeeta to test out their systems, the food, service. At the moment, it's through Instagram DM and messaging apps.

Since I don't live in Dubai, I have been ordering and picking up. I can tell you with great confidence that the experience has been brilliant. You know that they are going to do a great job when the service is good even when they are not there. The communication channel is quick and clear. The sandwiches, in my opinion, is better than they used to be and the juice (that I can happily claim I named along with fellow Tweep, @shelo9) is as good and thirst-quenching as it was before. I love the new Pita taste and the new dressings in each sandwich. Don't take my word for it, follow them and ask them for a taste. And do pre-buy the meals.

Fruitful day

I first started supporting them when they started out a while ago and I lived in Dubai (I'm based in Ajman now). When I shop for fruit, I usually stick to 3-4 staples and not very good at recognising or selecting fruit. Fruitful Day offer a subscription box and the option of sizes. I personally love the Discovery box that gives me the option to try something new every week. They have just expanded their deliveries outside Dubai and its the best thing to have my delivery of fruit every alternate week. Because its a lot of fruit. All of the fruit is carefully selected, cleaned and ready to eat. It comes with a list of what is in the box and how to store in case you can't eat them all (and trust me there is a lot of fruit). My box lasts me a little more than a week so I do need to supplement with a few staples like bananas. If you want to start, do use my referral link so you can get 60 Dhs off the first box.

If you have a problem, they resolve it quite quickly and it's all online. Go on - it could be your five a day easily.

I don't think I will ever be less enthusiastic even as I grow older since I find something new to embrace and love every day. That's just me. Do you have something that excites and enthuses you?

Celebrating birthdays - cousin mania

Celebrating birthdays - cousin mania