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Verbal diarrhoea

An hour into our flight to Kathmandu, I suddenly realised that Carol and I had not stopped talking (at least I hadn't). I have not seen her for a while - a combination of the fact that she lives in Khor Fakkan and I in Dubai, we are both up to our eyeballs in work, and several (telephone/email) squabbles - we were just catching up with what was going in each of our worlds.

I stopped and suddenly observed that I hadn't stopped talking. I also think its got to do with the fact that increasingly we spend so much time on our own or with people that we do not have a lot in common with (i.e. clients, suppliers etc) - that when we do meet or chat, we get quite garrulous. At least that was Carol's theory.

My friendship with Carol is strange. It's a strong friendship considering its survival for over 13 years despite our differences over many things, our squabbles (we are both (head) strong, bossy women. But we have both (at least I have and would like to think that she does too) relied on each other to come through for the other (and we have -for the most part).

Kathmandu diaries - day 1 (20 Aug 2008)

People are innately good