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The missing link in customer service #EmiratesNBD #ZurichInsurance

The missing link in customer service #EmiratesNBD #ZurichInsurance


As some of you who know me and or follow me on social media will know - I lost my car. As in an idiot taxi driver rammed into me and my insurance, Zurich, preferred to total it and pay me for the car rather than get it repaired. If you saw the photos, it did not look as bad. Anyway, this post is about the customer service I received from the insurance company based on the claim - it was organised and delivered on promises. Quite unexpected and very pleasant.

Often I blog to complain (this time I will too) but not about Zurich. I filed my claim and immediately (same afternoon), the insurance guys arranged for me to have a substitute car. As per policy it was for 10 days. It was a very basic car but hey it was free and took me from point A to B. Not complaining - but I was surprised at how quickly they moved. They promised that they would get in touch with me in a couple of days to let me know and okay I had to make one call but they sent me text updates to let me know the status. A week (and a bit) later, I had a call to say the cost was so high - they were writing it off and that within 24 hours I would have an estimate on how much they were going to pay me. True to their word, they emailed me - car was barely a year old, they offered the price along with the procedure to collect the claim. I could've done it a week ago but for my lovely bank - EmiratesNBD.

Why should printing a Liability Letter take a week (now 10 days)? Why? I remember before it went all high-tech, you could pay the service fee (it was a lot cheaper then), the branch manager pulled up your account and printed out the certificate you needed right there on the spot and you were done. With all the high tech, it should be a lot easier, shouldn't it? Noooo. I apply for the letter (Thursday PM). It gets sent to HO on Saturday (I am assuming). The charge for the service gets deducted on Sunday. I get a text with a reference number on Monday. Nothing since then. I have called the customer call centre 3 times and got the run around. Went round to the branch and while the branch is open till 9pm, the individual customer service guy went home, so NO ONE could help me.

Thank you for your excellent and top notch service - I hope you keep making money at the expense of customer service. (For those without the sarcasm radar, that was sarcasm, and deep, deep frustration). I know its not going to make a blind bit of difference but I feel so much better now.

Update 16 Sept 2013:

Got the letter on 14th (after a lot of to-ing and fro-ing) only to be told on 15th that we needed to get another version of the letter, this time with the signature and company stamp. And, of course, it has to be done in person and they cannot bend over backwards to deliver it even though it was their own error in the first place. Well done EmiratesNBD - if you could go a bit lower on the customer expectations... try and you'll get there. Zurich Insurance, on the other hand, has been brillian- transparent in all their dealings, prompt and efficient or perhaps its only the guy dealing with my claims. He is very organised.

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