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The Fujairah food tour - round one

It was borne out of the millions of tweets, Facebook posts, Karla's blog posts. It had to be done.
Paul (@Daddybird) and Karla (@kangayayaroo) Castle have a unique knack of finding eateries that are obscure, affordable (read cheap) and offer divine repasts. We asked, they offered to host us. And gracious hosts they were too.
It started on a Thursday with Nepalese food at the Nepal Kitchen House that served up some authentic Nepali food. My highlights (everything was delicious) would be the daal (I could have had a lot more than the bowl they served up), the steamed momos, and the chicken with puffed rice. Still trying to fathom what spices they used - but it was delicious. Its on Bank Street (every Emirate has one) and the entrance (next to King Sweets) to a now almost abandoned "shopping centre" can almost be missed. Persevere. Its worth it.
We (Shelina and I shared a room) were booked into the Fortune Royal hotel in Fujairah. It was a special offer on Dealgobbler. Was it worth the money? Nope. Its central - has around 9 nightclubs, a dodgy massage parlour. Not going back there but its clean and not bad. Ladies - don't check in alone. It was a bed for the night. My son, daughter-in-law and grandson were next door and (for the most part) kept up with the pace the next day.
Friday was a marathon food fest. 2 breakfasts (one was more a brunch), late lunch (more like early dinner), copious cups of karak chai (of course) and a bit of sightseeing.
We started with Parathas and chana in Al Khan restaurant (near the perfume roundabout). Don't know what it is about parathas freshly made and hot - they were light, with crispy bits and delicious. We took a small break at the corniche before heading off on the hunt for Tapsilog. Sizzling Restaurant was our first choice (closed). Went to another just the next block over - closed too. Went to Salo Salo - supposedly the first Filipino restaurant in Fujairah, closed. We were beginning to think that we were fated NOT to have any filipino food. Even tried Golden Fork. No luck.
Decided we'd try a couple of discount stores instead. There's a whole street full of stores selling kitsch stuff between 1-10Dhs. I love these stores. They're great places for entertainment. We found one open in the morning. Shelina and Karla have photographs.
Post 11am, we followed Paul back to Sizzling Restaurant - and woo hoo - it was open. Paul was our official 'orderer' - so we had various types of breakfast - I had the Tapsilog, Paul had something else similar with chicken and Shelina had the one with chicken adobo. Copious glasses of home-made lemon ice tea. Delicious. We started with lumpia - which was delicious. Had a quick game of stacking chairs. Went back to hunting discount stores.
We all wanted to go and see the turtles in Kalba creek. Sadly its closed for 'development'. They would not even let us walk on the bridge. So we stood on the sidelines and watched a few turtles bob up and down as they headed out to sea. Drove back to see if the bull butting had begun (it was just setting up) so we decided to have a food break (surprise, surprise). We headed to Afghan House Restaurant for Steam Rice. They were napping. So we went to the Oriental House instead. Good decision.
Oriental House was tucked away in an alley but we had Paul and Karla to show us the way. The restaurant was empty and we had an amazing chinese meal washed down with more home-made lemon iced tea. We had Hainanese chicken rice, chicken with secret sauce (yummy and my favourite), seafood noodle soup, chicken with salted egg, beef with a veggie (can't remember the name but it was delicious). there was a lot of food but most of it got eaten.
Went back to the bull butting - caught the last fight just in time. And rounded the evening off with a visit to Daiso.
For round two - we have to go to Afghan House, try the kare kare and check out Paul's favourite vada place. And it has to be a Saturday when they're open.

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