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Tech-friendly Sweden

Sweden may be a small country but it makes very good use of technology.  While none of the airports I went through in Europe have the e-Gate card (extremely useful), these airports more than make up for it with their scanners and barcode readers meaning we don’t have to carry a million pieces of paper – just the smartphone. There are self-checkin counters everywhere of course.  KLM even specializes its QR code to the type of smartphone you have and all you have to do is stick the phone under the scanner. How neat is that.

While air travel and traffic seems to stop in several places (read the UK), Europe just gets on with life. In Sweden they use boiling water pushed at high pressure under the roads to clear snow instantly – leaving very drivable road surfaces. As simple a solution as that.

In parking spots, there is the option to plug in your car to heat it up at a pre-programmed time so that the car is warm when you’re ready to go to work. How very cool if we could do the same to cool down our cars in dubai – must be a way to do that.

The supermarket was a revelation too. You registered for a supermarket card that you use to swipe and get a bar code scanner. You scan all your stuff as you shop, so that you know exactly how much you have spent. You weigh your own veggies etc and then scan them. At the check out counter, you just hand over your scanner and pay by card or cash and then leave. Every one brings their own bags. You are encouraged to recycle and get money back for things like bottle etc that you can then spend in the supermarket. No long check out lines (even on a busy Saturday) and you’re always aware of just how much you are spending.

Dubai prides itself of staying ahead and adopting new technology but these would be oh so useful in Dubai.

And don't get me started on the Internet connections - despite the weather or anything else you could throw at them.

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