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Taste of James Martin

I have been looking forward to the Taste of Dubai weekend for a long time and it was not disappointing. I had looked at the programme and decided to go on Thursday evening so I could catch one of my favourite TV chefs in action - James Martin. He was thinner than I thought he would be (but Dave the editor at BBC Good Food had been told by James that he had just lost a couple of stones) but otherwise just the same. He probably had one of the most disastrous live demonstrations in his life but he took it in his stride and most people probably came away with a great big smile on his face. He did his little sugar trick turning a disastrous mousse cake (gluten free - Carol, you should try it) into - in his words - a £15 dessert. His lobster starter was deceptively simple as was his hammour. It was probably delicious except I would have had to fight the hordes to get a crumb.

I did wander around and two things jumped out at me - kangaroo surf and turf (not bad) and delicious camel milk chocolate with macademia nuts.

Shame I was stuck in Al Ain yesterday - missed Giorgio Lucatelli's live demo. Next year.

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