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Taking to the Streets

There are some days I just love my job! This past weekend is one of them. It combined my work with media for Streetnights run by my friend Sherif Abaza and his founding partner, Lobito Brigante, fabulous food, good music and nifty dance moves, street art and night bazaar in the shadow of the Burj Khalifa. This was the second year that Sherif asked me to help out. My reward was being part of an event that is so cool - it made me cool. With my PR hat on

Most of my PR work is with B2B clients but occasionally I will leverage my personal social contacts to help out with food and lifestyle clients. I touched base - sent out the dreaded (by media and bloggers mostly) press release more as an FYI while my team listed and populated the events databases; but more contact on social media and in person. We contacted all the food vendors to get them to have samples ready to taste. This year, the bonus was having Gizzi Erskine doing a live demo and meeting some of the media. It was such fun connecting with bloggers and media, catching up with friends, putting faces to names and social media handles. Gizzi was wonderful in giving up time to talk to everyone I introduced her to. Gracious, friendly and very open. Sherif too was brilliant in talking to the various guys, talking food, the background on Streetnights (a progression from Twinge - anyone on social media remember that?). So thank you to all the media, bloggers and other community stalwarts on my timeline that made it - thank you for your support

My personal take

The first evening at Streetnights I had some Polish street food (Zapiekanka) which was open sandwich of button mushrooms covered in Polish mountain cheese, melted till the baguette was quite crisp and topped off with smoky tomato sauce; Dukkan Sharq's kushari (highly recommended by Sherif and he should know - he's Egyptian); American Jerk chicken (had a bit from my daughter-in-law's plate), Dimsum from The Address and their karak chai (was perfect for the few drops of rain we had at the start of the last evening).

There were toddlers that dominated the dance floors the first evening giving way to the Bboy competition the next evening.

There were some very nifty moves on the dance floor and some great beats from the DJs. I did have a bit more Kushari, a little bit of churros, some marinated beef at Tavana (a Hawaiian food truck owned by the same people that own Tandem), and a sample of Cryspes - a combination of the crispness of waffle & soft doughnutty centre doused in chocolate, caramel, some nutella (if you like) some Oreo (if you like). Surprisingly not over sweet but it went down a treat. There were a few more that I wanted to try. But will have to check them out elsewhere.

Here are some of the videos and photos I posted on Instagram. Did you make it to Streetnights? What did you discover?

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By The Bootstraps

By The Bootstraps

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