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#Strongerthan Any bias #BAD2014

#Strongerthan Any bias #BAD2014


#StrongerThan Celebrate Malala Day 14 July and support women's education I only got the email late last night (US timing I guess) but apparently yesterday was Malala Day (her birthday on 14 July is being celebrated as Malala Day). Blog Action Day sent details on how (as bloggers) we could help support this. My post is a day late but here goes.

I am #Strongerthan any kind of bias. It is human nature to categorise other people in our minds according to where they come from, how they speak, what they eat, how they look, the colour of their skin, their abilities and disabilities.  We all know (at a subconscious level) that it is wrong.  I do not consider myself biased but here are my pledges:

I pledge to make a stronger effort not to stand in judgement of ANYONE. We do not know what the circumstances are and why people make the decisions they do, but it is not for us to judge them but to accept them as they are. As long as it does not harm to another or affect us.

I pledge that I am will not judge anyone for their blind religious faith - whatever it may be except when it is violent towards others, towards ANYONE.

I pledge to support women and help to change people's minds when it comes to prejudices about women's capabilities in anything they want to do.

I pledge my support to all campaigns to bring back the girls in Nigeria to their homes and to their education.

If you feel as strongly as I do about the prejudices, then support the campaign by signing the petition here:

Malala Day celebrates the birthday of Malala Yousafzai, the girl who was shot for bravely defying the Taliban and attending school. This year, she has traveled to Nigeria to see the plight of girls, like her, in great danger for simply going to school. Malala wants to use Malala Day this year to ask everyone to raise their voices to say: we are #strongerthan those who use fear, intimidation and violence to stand in the way of every girl and boy's basic right to an education.

Join with #IAmMalala and let girls around the world know they are not alone.

To add your blog to the voices on Blog Action day,  register on their site.

Not quite a busman's holiday #SisterSplurge

Not quite a busman's holiday #SisterSplurge

Rite Bite's “Help Us Fill the Bag” Ramadan campaign

Rite Bite's “Help Us Fill the Bag” Ramadan campaign