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Sorry - no email and we Du not care

As someone that works closely with the IT industry, I consider myself tech-savvy. I need to be in order to promote my clients. And then we come across people that think they need to speeeeaaaakkkk sloooooowwwwwwly to us in order for us to understand geek-speak.

We have just changed our hosting service for our web site and while it was visible to others on the Etisalat service, here at the office in Du-land, we could not see our web site nor could we access the emails. Very frustrating. Going back and forth with our web guys - they suggested that as a DMC company we might want to speak to Du directly. They had - using phone, mobile, SMS, email. Perhaps we might have better luck.

No chance. We called the Du guys and they said the DNS server will refresh automatically in 48-72 hours.

Why so long when it took Etisalat less than 24?

It just does. At least that was the gist of it. We tried to ask them to explain and they began to slooooowwwwwly explain.

48 hours in an email driven business is a very long time.

Why am I surprised

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