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So you think you can cook

Its a cheesy name and, if I'm honest, a bit cringe-worthy since it reminds me of that very sad TV show (yes I surf the net and quickly changed channels). But the event, organised by Glad and its various marketing agencies, was the UAE version of the popular Masterchef style competition giving amateur cooks the opportunity to shine. I attended the grand finale of the competition at the Balance Cafe in the Oasis Centre. It was a live cook off between the 6 finalists. They could cook their own recipes (probably practiced and tested all the recipes before coming to the event) but they were thrown a curve ball at the event. They were given four mystery ingredients that they had to incorporate into their cooking: mint, lime, mango and coconut. Five of the finalists were Asian (so no problem with these ingredients) but one of them was an Italian. I was trying to think of a way the poor guy would incorporate coconut and mango into his menu?

Glad Arabia

It was quite interesting watching a live cook off. The space in the Balance cafe was quite well organised - might have to go back to get a feel for what it would normally be used for but the set up was quite interesting but (for us) it seemed to take time. Fortunately, they had comfy seats at the cafe and the cafe used the opportunity to serve us some bites - very tasty bites too, fresh juices.

It was the second year the competition was run and according to the comments from the judges (they were being interviewed live by the master (or is it mistress) of ceremonies), the level of cooking talent and the food was better than last year.

The winner, Azra Razak, won a trip for two to Thailand, courtesy of Glad.

Wish we could've sampled some of the dishes - some of them looked quite yummy.

Talking coffee and art

Is a blog post a valid living will?