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Slow and Steady « Susanthecoach's Blog

I want to share this blog post (click on the photo) from Susan who is quite an unconventional coach. She is pragmatic and uses a lot of humour - making her easier to communicate with and understand.

I recently attended her 'Diamond in Your Business' workshop after promising her many times to do so. What I found interesting were her exercises that made you re-think, re-focus and push you in the direction that would make you evaluate what you are doing and make the necessary changes to stay on track.

I have ADHD (not really) but I find it easy to get side-tracked with new things, forgetting the core focus not just in business but in life too.

If you are a new business and need to put some PURPOSE (I was listening Susan) in your VISION and GOALS, then I highly recommend you attend her next workshop. Check it out on Facebook.

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