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Ritually incorrect

Being a true Hindu, I love Christmas.

I love rituals and perhaps enjoy the Christmas rituals because they are more social rather than religious. Don't get me wrong, I love all the rites and rituals of the Hindu festivals – the colours and the pageantry is great – but I am a pisshead and I think it is the combination of great music (I adore carol singing – when its properly done), mulled wine, champagne, trimming the tree, more wine, more champagne, lots of good fattening food and of course, meeting new and old people and eating late.

My friend Carol, famous through my blog, has her parents over. She normally does very unconventional Christmas trees and this year was no exception. She lives in Khor Fakkan and had scavenged "trees" (one large and one small) – more like a collection of twigs, suitably dead, gnarled with a lot of character. We sprayed some of the branches silver and put lots of traditional decorations and made a small afternoon tea party around it. Some of her friends from the town visited with their two visiting "nanas" and amidst some Gregorian chants and carol singing (CD of course), tea drinking, cake eating, climbing ladders, we had a very nice tree.

I think this is the best tree yet, needs a little bit more tinsel and goofy bits but bar that – its great, even if I say so myself.

A surprise around every corner

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