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RIP Dante


This story broke this morning on Gulf News and the posts on his wall have been coming thick and fast.

Death is inevitable but this one is affecting me today and I can't seem to concentrate on anything. Not that I knew him well unless you count spending three weeks in his company during our trip to Tibet knowing him. But then it was very intense and you get to know people and their character under trying circumstances.

He was only 28 but he loved the adrenaline rush. He pushed himself on that trip and almost didn't make it until we physically stopped him, made him take rest and let his body recover. But within no time he was back on that cycle.

He loved those mountain kids. He was always one of the first on the campsite and was surrounded by village kids. He ate and drank a lot and pee-d a lot too. We called him 'piddler on the roof'. He was outrageous and made us all laugh.

He was so talented. The ads that ran on OSN were, to a large extent, designed by him. Very clever man.

Such a waste but his time was up. There must be a reason why. If anyone knows, please tell me so I can lift the lead weight in my heart.

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