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Random ideas

New ideas

New ideas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been thinking of random ideas that I think would work (maybe I should add a poll to this post) but maybe I'm wrong.

Multistorey parking:

In a city that is mushrooming, I wonder why more landlords don't use their space to build multi-storey parking (paid) especially in congested commercial areas. It needs very basic build, no massive plumbing or electricity requirements, no maintenance contracts, no complaining tenants (I'm sure there would be a few), and it would cost a lot less to build than an apartment or commercial building but easier to lease. If they were not greedy and kept it affordable, they would make money on monthly or annual parking rents.

Travel packs:

With all the travel restrictions on fluids in your cabin luggage, I wonder why the companies with lotions and potions or indeed the liquid soaps, shampoos etc don't sell travel packs for the many millions of business travellers that would (like me) prefer to carry their own brand and not need to check in their luggage because of this or have to decant into smaller bottles. Its just a pfaff and a no brainer. I would love to have a small hand luggage pack of Nivea or my Herbal Essence shampoo or my St Ives liquid soap! but maybe its just me...

How are these to start of with? Can you think of any - feel free to add!

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