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Ramadan from a long term non-Muslim expatriate

Having been here so long, there are things about Ramadan that I look forward to and a few that I don't but have to be tolerant about. As a true optimist, I am going to talk about the stuff I love about this particular month of the year.
  • Peace and quiet and not so many meetings which means I can catch up with writing and all the boring administrative tasks I just haven't got around to doing
  • Fresh bhajiyas and falafel around 4.30 every evening at all the small places - just before Iftar. There's something delightfully delicious about them and they sit in your car tempting you to break all the rules of not eating out of doors
  • Plenty of parking from around 3 in the afternoon
  • Empty roads in the evening when you go home especially around Iftar because everyone's home eating
  • The generosity of some people towards those less fortunate
Now a few things that really annoy me
  • Impatient people on the road - I know you're fasting but its supposed to calm you and give you solace not make you mad at others
  • People using religion as an excuse NOT to get anything done and postpone work - you know who you are and its WRONG in any language or religion and you know it
  • Rude and intolerant expatriates - this really gets to me. The Emiratis and Arabs give us (relative) freedom to do as we please - can't you accommodate them one month of the year. Use it to detox - if you must. Your liver will thank you.
For every other Muslim I know, have a very blessed and peaceful Ramadan. Don't forget to invite me for Iftar! I like being in Dubai during Ramadan. 

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