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Qantas: NOT a global airline

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I am an online person. The Internet provides me with the options and convenience that I need as someone that manages a business and is a gadget freak.

I do all my travel bookings online.

This year for summer, I am visiting an aging Aunt and Uncle - both in two separate cities. The bonus is that I get to see my younger first cousins, some after more than 30+ years - its a long time. So, of course, since I want to do a lot of hopping and within a limited amount of time, I look at the best options. Qantas came highly recommended for the most economic option within Australia.

I did my bookings and suddenly realised that I was flying from Perth to Sydney on a Saturday. My cousin in Sydney works for most of the week and preferred me to fly a day earlier so I have a full weekend with them. I went back to the link on my ticket and clicked on manage my booking. I understood that to make a change on any of the flights, it would cost me 75$ which seemed fair. But my options for "Managing my booking" did not allow me to change the flight. I had to contact the nearest office. In person. The nearest office for me was the Qantas desk at DNATA.

A trip there told me that I had to contact the call centre for online bookings in UK. And if I made the change BEFORE I flew in my sector (Singapore-Perth-Sydney-Singapore), I may have to pay more since the whole ticket would need to be re-issued and a new fare would apply. However, if I waited till I flew to Perth, then the 75$ charge would apply.

This, to me, is illogical. If I can make the booking online, why can't I make the amendments online and make the necessary payments? For me, this is the last time I fly them and definitely wouldn't recommend them.

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