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Welcome to my blog. I blog about my community, my passion, work, food, travel. I hope you enjoy the posts. Let me know if you do.

Putting down my blogging pen - not just yet

I've not made it into @Catboy_dubai's blog list - and I'm not surprised. My blog is just that - ramblings and very sporadic ramblings at that.

Now that I follow a lot of other blogs, my ramblings put me to shame and show that I am neither witty nor original. So I wonder - should I put down my pen? Nah. My ramblings allow me to let off steam, so I don't kill someone or bite someone's head off. Not the thing to do when you are in PR.

So for now - the world (around me) is safe. I shall carry on rambling. Albeit sporadically.

Honesty – not always the best policy

Having fun