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Planning the holiday

Today I thought I would share an overview of what you can expect from me. Most of you have been seeing the photographs (if you're following me on social media). I am going to try and keep the blog going (Karla, I'm following in your footsteps - though not sure my posts are as enlightening). Day 1 - rest and recuperation, strolling around Cremourne (where my cousin lives and is hosting me), dinner with family. We swapped memories and had a very nice family dinner with all my cousins and Aunt and their family. It was very pleasant - we covered anyone and everyone we could think of and caught up with as much as we could. It was also an opportunity to re-connect and that was a lot of fun.

We plotted and planned the rest of my stay here and its pretty much sorted in so many ways with enough flexibility to adapt.

Day 2 and 3 - touristy stuff. I don't always plan all the stuff I want to do on a holiday just in case I miss out on other interesting stuff or something goes awry. Its a holiday - needs to be flexible. So I usually (if its available - and most places have this now) book a sightseeing tour. This gives me a fair idea of what's there to see and what I could do. I ask my friends and family (local) and get their input too. Did that today and got a few things sorted. My highlight today has to be the close encounter with a Koala bear. The fur is so soft. Tomorrow its going to be the hop off - hop on river cruise. I hope the seagulls bring their own sandwiches.

Day 3 and 4 - I spend with my Aunt Helen and reminisce. Looking forward to a lot of old photographs and catching up with her on how she's been doing, my cousins, swapping grandma stories - my nephew got a personal letter and cook book signed by Heston Blumenthal  of Fat Duck fame. He (my nephew Ravi) described the letter he wrote and I would love a copy of that letter. So my Aunt is a very chuffed grandma!

Day 4 - I plan to go to the Rocks - its steeped in the history of this country. Hopefully (if I get it right) might learn how to play the didgeridoo... (could I pack one and bring home I wonder?)

Day 5 - having a girlie lunch in Bondi beach with my two sisters in law and Aunty Helen. Should be great fun. Oh, and we're going to Bondi Beach for that.

Day 6 - planning to go to the Blue Mountains. I believe its gorgeous. We may or may not stay overnight there.

Day 7 - other than we're going to Chiswick  that sounds absolutely marvellous - I haven't thought that far ahead. Yet.

We're still plotting the next 3 days but I have no doubts it involves, more food, family, ferries and buses and a lot of fun. Before I go to Perth.

Ticking all the boxes

A short day in Singapore