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I feel completely paralysed.

My laptop is in the shop and I feel bereft. I am using a friend's MAC - figured this is the best time to give it a shot - and I HATE it. I am so used to getting stuff done on a PC (in the Windows environment). Much as I hated it - it was familiar territory and idiot friendly(ish). I know what I'm doing - the menus are familiar, the way you save files is familiar and easy.

Everything on a MAC is a steep learning curve and at a time when I have deadlines and rely so much on Outlook to manage your daily life, its like I'm floundering at the moment trying to get stuff done.

Fortunately, thanks to cloud storage - most of my work is saved using a combination of different services including Google Documents and Dropbox and Plaxo for contacts. While there is great scepticism about the security of putting information in the cloud, for a small business, it is (and can be) a life saver in more ways than one.

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