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Over the Hill? Not a chance

Don't know about you but I am fed up to the teeth with web sites that profess one thing and offer barely disguised sexual services. As a single over 50, it gets more difficult to meet and find people and worse when you are in a younger expatriate society like Dubai.

While meandering through the 'net', I came across this web site,, for over 50s friends that does exactly that. Helps people over 50 meet new people, get up and about, and make friends, no strings. I went through the site and found it informative, interesting and just up my street. The only catch - its primarily for people living in the UK.

The site owners were very helpful and very accommodating and they allowed me to become a member and they are open to expats here joining them (you need to use a UK city to join for now but if we have enough interest from here - this could change).

Clean living. No hidden agendas. People with similar interests.

Why can't we have that here? Eh?

I'm not a racist, just a snob!

Being broke these days is not so bad!