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Outside my comfort zone

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One of the nice things about working outside your office and comfort zone is that, surprisingly, you get a lot of work done. One of these would be the lack of 'meetings'. While meetings are good as a catch up point, I find that I spend so much time meeting people that the real work gets left behind.

For the rest of this week and the next, I will be in Paris (meeting clients and doing EMEA level PR meetings) and next week is a three day channel conference that I attend every year. It all sounds quite glamorous - trust me, it isn't. Its a lot of hard work but to be honest, I love it. 

What is amazing about working in a different country - where neither language nor the weather is quite helpful - is how quickly you adapt to your surroundings. Of course Paris' underground system and public transport is what every major metropolitan city should aspire to be. The signage in this city especially underground along with the well defined route maps is clear, concise - even an idiot like me who has been out of the public transport system for more than 20 years was able to find her way around the whole metropolis. 

There is something about working in strange surroundings that give your confidence and ability a great boost. And Parisiens just make that easier. 
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