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Okryu-Gwan - North Korean Restaurant in Dubai

I recently joined Shelina (shelo9), Labiba (labibalaith), Paul (Daddybird) and Karla (kangayayaroo) from Twitter (and a few of their friends) to check out the North Korean restaurant. For whatever reason, I was then approached by a journalist in Brazil (he found me through search engines - strangely) and wanted to know more about the experience. Here is my experience of the place. Karla wrote a blog post that covers the evening better than I am.
It was an interesting experience. The food is similar to what you would get in a traditional Korean restaurant (its been a while since I went to one). A lot of stews, steamed stuff, a lot of broths with accompaniments. The restaurant seemed have a lot of quite unusual seafood like sea cabbage (not usually seen in other seafood restaurants in dubai - at least I haven't seen any), sea urchin etc.
I ordered one of the stews etc and it was piping hot and came with a lot of accompaniments including fried fish, poached egg, khimchi, steamed courgette and several others. The meal was preceded by dumplings and some sweet rice cakes. There was complimentary dessert but I can't remember what it was. Karla says it was red beans and watermelon over a milky ice (probably soymilk). 
Interesting experience but the live show was the best part of the evening for me. Very interesting especially the last bit where an all-girl band (organ, drums, flute and electric guitar) sang a Korean pop song.
Photos weren't allowed and other than the fact that the restaurant is located in the new Business Village complex near Clock Tower Roundabout in Dubai, there isn't a lot of information online (which would explain the reason for the Brazilian journalist contacting me). I'm not sure whether I would go back but then maybe I'll try the noodles Karla had - she certainly seemed to like it. And the Khimchi was good too.

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