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Not just two slices

I don't think the Fourth Earl of Sandwich quite realised what he had started 250+ years ago. And I am not talking about Subways (though I have been known to have the odd one). The oh so humble sandwich has evolved and here in Dubai, its well and truly alive and well. Because I have Type 2 Diabetes, I try and stay low-carb most of the time but because I love food and a good sandwich, I fall off the wagon. That's been happening a bit too often since someone on Twitter (I think it might have been @foodindubai) mentioned Sarnie Station.

I tried ordering but, unfortunately, hadn't realised that they do limited portions of the bread (yep, they bake their own bread and make all their fillings) so they run out. So we (that is my colleague Emma and I) had to swallow our disappointment (okay maybe I tweeted it) and pre-ordered it for the next day. The Sarnie Gadgie (as the team call themselves) sent our sandwiches over on the house. Aw. And they were delicious. Emma had the Roast Turkey with stuffing and cranberry sauce and I had the Roast Beef and Mustard. Very generous portions. Definitely meal size. What I loved about the sandwich was that, unlike other sandwiches, the proportion of bread to filling was equal.

Emma and I went back and ordered other sandwiches too. They have a pretty decent selection of sandwiches, choice of brown and white bread (both quite fresh and home made - delicious); dressings/sauces, and all the accompaniments you can think of - Walkers crisps, pickles, etc. But we preferred to go with the ones they had on their menu. We ordered the prawn sarnie (on the recommendation of fellow foodie, Debbie or Geordie Armani) and the chicken and bacon. The prawn one was nice (yes that IS the right word) but the chicken and bacon sandwich blew our mind. The bacon, according to Steve, who started Sarnie Station and personally makes every sandwich before he goes off for his other full time job, is hickory-smoked veal bacon flown in from America. And it adds a superb smokey flavour that makes that chicken and bacon sandwich outstanding. We were too greedy to take photographs of either sandwich.  That sandwich was ordered again the following day alongside a Cajun Chicken sandwich, which was just as good.

The team are passionate and that comes across in the quality of the food, the way they handle their calls and respond to you on social media. Any platform. They show and share their love of a good sandwich. Steve's dream is to have a pub with country-style fayre including real ale (which can only happen either in a hotel on on The Palm). If his sarnies are anything to go by, someone give him the money and the means to open one, please.

Just to make sure you realise just how good these are - here are some photographs. A couple are mine (of course) and the others are supplied. Sarnie Gadgie though are camera shy apparently.

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