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New year resolutions & Twitter

I hate them. I usually never make any. I thought I'd do one this year for a change. And in true New Year resolution traditions promptly forgot to keep it. My one resolution was to update my blog at least once a week. So 10 weeks later – decided I needed to keep my promise to myself.

Moving swiftly on, last week's Emirates Literature Festival and some of the comments and discussions raised a question in my head. How can rational and intelligent people completely diss an idea without even trying it? And I don't mean just trying it for a day or two but really trying it.

At the Festival, Jessica Swann of Dubai Today radio fame (@JessicaSwann for the Twitterati) mentioned that Kate Adie completely rejected Twitter, calling it a craze. Now, I'm not saying that every one has to be on Twitter (though I know that some people would really enjoy the banter and the discussion and the camaraderie we enjoy here in the UAE Twitter community), but I do not understand how intelligent people like Kate Adie, who rely on a readership and fan base, can be completely dismissive of something that has the power to extend their reach further.

Most people have been trying to dismiss the social media wave as just another craze but it has moved so far beyond that. Here in the UAE at least, we benefit a lot more from Twitter. Sonia (@fanofamd) observed that because we are an expatriate-driven community, Twitter allows us to share our opinions honestly with like-minded people. I agree with her. For someone who has lived here more than 20 years, it has broken cross cultural barriers like nothing has been able to before. I have more Emirati friends now than I did before. I do not see colour or creed when I go to a tweet up (a gathering if you will) or wonder what their nationalities are or how old they are – all that matters is that we share common interests.

Its my support system. Anything I want to know – I throw it out there and the Community give me my answers.

So I ask again, why would you dismiss something without really trying it?

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