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New toys

If you're connected to me on Twitter, you know that yesterday I was a very, very lucky girl! A very generous friend I've known for a very long while (he's the reason I have a business) took me down to Sharaf DG (sorry Ashish, I had no choice in the selection of the store, honest!) and bought me the top of the range iPad (64G, 3G + wireless) with the Apple sleeve, protective gear et al and not stopping at that insisted that he buys the latest Bold 9780 as well. As I said - generous. And no - there's no hanky, panky, he's a very good friend with a very generous soul and having money helps! His reason for generosity - Mits, I never know what to buy you! Well he knows now because I was like a kid who had all its birthdays, christmases, Eids, Diwalis, rolled into one big celebration.
I have been resisting the temptation to go anywhere near a gadget store because I know that I'll get sucked into spending money but if you do have the money (haven't seen the Galaxy Tab yet) but the iPad is quite cool. Its idiot-proof (not that I am one - I don't think) but its so easy to set up and go. Its not quite the replacement for a laptop but it comes close to doing a lot of the stuff I could do on one anyway. I'll probably know more as I understand it better and use it but for now I'm working on how to use it pragmatically on a day to day basis. Its definitely easier to carry around in business meetings. Being able to connect through the Dropbox makes life so much easier. 
The BB is so light but the OS and the system is taking some getting used to. Not sure about the trackpad yet but its soooo much faster and lighter and can do so many things.
Anyway - I have new toys. So if you don't like technology, stay away from me 'cause I'm in the gushing mode these days till I get blasé about my new toys.

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