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New fangled visa services

My brother has been desperate for a holiday since he came to work for me (for peanuts of course J) and help me with the business. Since he had never been anywhere, he decided to start "easy" and visit our cousin in London. I have been to England a lot of times. As a matter of fact because of work, in the past five years, I have been there at least once a year. I remember the guy at the Embassy even suggesting that I should take a multiple entry, long term visa and I very politely declined. Any way I digress.

Bish goes online and downloads the form, and proceeds to collect all the relevant paperwork that is needed. And since I had been before, I said to him quite confidently that it would be no problem. As long as you had all the paperwork, and with his not having any history of being refused or travelling, he could be okay. NOT. Our cousin is in the civil service, so she sends her letter of reference and also to guarantee that he will be looked after. I (or the office) was paying his flight. So all he need was some travel money and some personal expenses. With day passes etc, I thought that around £20-25 per day would be okay. So he put down £200 for his personal expenses that he would be taking with emergency money from his credit cards, of course.

They refused his visa because they thought he "did not have any assets or ties in UAE. First, there was no segment in the form that could give you the kind of picture they wanted to be painted. It asked for work, and home details and where he stayed. How was he supposed to inform them that the cheapskate boss he worked for is his sister and that he would ultimately inherit it and that this was a good strong reason for him to return. Or that he did not want to live in a country that was permanent wet, grey and cold! They used to personally interview people going to UK for the first time so that they had the opportunity to bring back documentation or show proof that they were who they said they were, but alas this does not happen any more.

And to top it all, they gave him the verdict two days before the Eid holidays and Christmas holidays so that now the poor guy is unable to really take a holiday because he does not have time to get a visa sorted or have tickets and holiday to a place he does not need a visa before travel. So thank you British Embassy for screwing up my baby brother's holiday.

Merry Christmas to all!

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