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My very first blog

I have always had the urge to write but when I have, it never reads well - not even to me and I am a voracious reader. This should be interesting - and hopefully for more than just me and my fan club of two. Personally, I hope it will be cathartic for me - less expensive than going to the shrink!!

For all those out there in cyber space, I like living in Dubai in the middle of the desert. Maybe not quite the middle of the desert. Dubai is a fast-growing metropolis with all the mod cons and you could so easily (these days) make the mistake of forgetting you are in the Middle East. But you are and there are subtle reminders of these all round you. Some very nice and some not so nice. Just like anywhere else really.

I have a great love-hate relationship with Dubai. I love the freedom and the multi-cultural element of the city. I hate that modernisation is masking traditional values. I love the food and the music. I hate that there is too much of it and not enough opportunities to excercise. The city makes you lazy.

I love the modern infrastructure making business life easy - hate the traffic that takes you ages to get anywhere. I love some of the old buildings - shame they are fast being replaced with modern multi-storey buildings.

But this list could go on. In the main - I like it for now.

In the future - who knows.

What a palaver!!