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My time is precious too

No matter how long I stay here, I can never get used to people NOT being on time and not apologising. Let me very hastily add that there are exceptions - as there should be to all rules - but a professional person with breeding would (a) not be late and (b) if they are - phone to inform that they are late and definitely apologise.

I had this penchant for punctuality drummed into my head since I was 10 years old by my father. He always said that if you are late, and you don't inform the person you are meeting that you are late - you are basically saying that he/she is not important to you or that you really do not care because you are more important than them. I panic when I am 5 mins late and apologise profusely when I am.

To all the people who have made me wait and never phoned - my time is precious too.

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