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My right of way

Since the metro station near my house became operational, I have eschewed using my car (whenever possible) and use the metro. This means crossing roads and using pedestrian crossings.
When I did (do) drive, I made it a point to always stop at zebra crossings (especially the ones that don't have the stop buttons) because I think (a) the pedestrians have right of way and (b) they're out there with no shade while I am in the comfort of my car. It seems that I am in the minority. Especially in Dubai Internet City. Now that I am using the metro, the walk to my office takes me through at least one pedestrian crossing from Dubai Internet City station. I can find that NO ONE stops at the zebra crossing to let a pedestrian standing at the side of the road cross over. How long would that take, drivers? A whole 30 seconds?
So I thought I would share some information on pedestrian crossings (or crosswalks as RTA calls them and apparently they are right to call them that) and hope that it changes a few drivers' attitudes.
According to Wikipediazebra crossing typically gives extra rights of way to pedestrians. I don't think this rule changes in this region but for pedestrian crossings without traffic signals, the traffic laws usually states that the pedestrian has the right of way when crossing, and that vehicles must stop when a pedestrian uses the crossing. 
Wikipedia says "Countries and driving cultures vary greatly as to the extent to which this is respected' which in Dubai Internet City translates to NOT AT ALL. 
Can I have my right of way back please?

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