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My Real Life hero: Lesley Cully

Buckleup UAE There is only one image you see when you meet or think of Lesley - a yellow and black image of a baby strapped in. She is a passionate advocate of safety in and around car and driving. She works tirelessly to educate and is never tardy in spotting a photo where someone is not buckled up or in a proper manner.

She is honest and straight forward. Personally, too, she comes across as being passionate, with a great sense of humour and a humility despite her wide links in the community. I sent her a few questions (like all my heroes) in an attempt to get to know her better. And here are her replies:

What inspires you?

I'm wary of sounding like a walking cliché but my family inspire me - my husband is such a terrific support and my children are constantly assessing other cars to see if they're Buckled Up.  I also am so touched whenever I get an email from a parent telling me their child now insists on a seat belt or shouts Buckle Up every time they get in the car - for all the effort, for all the days I get down, those moments keep me going and make it all worth it.

Who is your hero? Why?

My parents.  I told my mum once I wanted to be a teacher - she answered why not head teacher?  Always encouraging me to look beyond what I thought I could do.  My dad was never one for staying quiet - there was a school meeting once where he was the only parent to stand up and question something.  Afterwards other parents came up to him to congratulate him - he told them they should also have spoken up and no-one else can fight your battles.  Both have stood me in good stead.

If you had a choice of becoming one of your (all time - dead or alive; real or fiction) favourite character, who would it be and why? 

Oh that's an impossible question!  I'd have to say a character from the Magic Faraway Tree books by Enid Blyton - who wouldn't want to climb a tree and find a new land at the top every time?

When are you happiest?

When I am surrounded by my husband and children, on a sofa reading while they play.

What pisses you off most?

Well apart from the most obvious, that being children not being Buckled Up in the car, I'd have to say liars - I can't bear dishonest people - the truth may hurt but it's a whole lot easier to deal with than a lie.

Your most embarrassing moment

There have been many but I do tend to have a bad case of foot in the mouth disease - one that stands out was when I called the Dominican Republic the 'poor man's Caribbean'  and then finding out the chap I was chatting to was going there for his honeymoon.

Your most sublime one

Aside from the birth of my children then any time I see them at school pick up time and their faces light up - it won't last forever I'm sure but for as long as I can I'll hold their hands, kiss them in public and generally love them to death.

If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?

I would book a first class plane ticket - money can't buy you happiness but to travel in luxury with leg room, great food and a fully recline able seat is what would do it for me.

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