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I caught up with my fitness trainer - Julie - who helped me get up to the highest camp point of Killimanjaro in celebration of my 50th birthday four years ago. It was a milestone birthday and I wanted to celebrate and make milestone decisions rather than focus on the number and all that it could stand for. My milestone decision to do something silly like trek to Killimanjaro to celebrate and give myself a 'seemingly impossible' physical task as long as I could do it. So I did Everest Base Camp last year (almost made it too) and plan to give it another shot next summer - all for charity.

She's just celebrated a milestone birthday and did the same. Decided to make one of her dreams come true. Moving to Australia on the hunt for a dream job.

Good luck Julie. Hope you get everything you want. Thank you for making me believe that I can do anything and achieve anything I set my mind too.

Age is just a number - I plan to continue celebrating my milestone birthdays with milestone events and decisions that defy stereotypes.

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