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This year (if we get a venue of course) we're hoping to host the UAE Social Media Day on 30 June (same as last year). It seems like a good idea to do it on a Thursday evening especially now that it is a holiday. Our focus will be on small businesses started and based in the UAE. This is their oppotunity to wins the hearts and minds of the community to help these business thrive and flourish.

So, here is what I am planning. Instead of community talks (last year they ran quite late) - I am going to do a soapbox. Each of the small businesses (those that want to of course) will have 2 mins (strictly - @rupertbu will you be the timekeeper please) to do a pitch to the community on what you do and why they should buy your product/service. We can have a voting system and perhaps get one of the big boys (Microsoft, Lenovo, du etc) to give some sort of small business package to the winner.

If you are a business, register here and we will get in touch with you to have a select few (around 15) display, select few to do the soapbox pitches (around 30), and all the small businesses to use the hashtag #UAESMDay to share special offers from 26-30 June to the community and publicise your product/service. 

Once again like last year - I am just facilitating and being the central point of contact but this belongs to the community. So we need EVERYONE's help to make this work. We need volunteers to help share the Twitter and Facebook posts, co-ordinate and help us with all the various tasks that go into making an event the success it was last year. Recommend businesses. Take photographs, spread the word.

If you want to volunteer, please register and let us know.

Twitter: @smdayuae or @mita56 or @zooberry

See you all on 30th June somewhere in Dubai.
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