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Love to hate Microsoft Outlook

Love to hate Microsoft Outlook


I am still using Microsoft Outlook - but this year it is driving me nuts. Suddenly some of my emails (not all) are not going through to some of my regular correspondents i.e. clients and journalists I talk and interact with all the time. Its frustrating. I am having to resort to using my personal Gmail to do all my emails. These guys get some of my emails and not others.

The notifications are random and every time I email these clients and journalists, I have to keep my fingers crossed that they have been delivered.

I do not understand the logic or what needs to change. I've tried forums. Its so random because they get some of my emails but not others. I cannot see a pattern either.

I am seriously thinking of switching over to Google except there are some things that Google doesn't do - reminders for tasks, read and delivery receipts for important mail, among others.

*** rant over ***

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My real life hero: My cousin Bikramjit Ray

My real life hero: My cousin Bikramjit Ray