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Love and Hate #BAD11

I registered for Blog Action Day 2011 which falls on World Food Day and so this year's theme has to do with food.

So here is my take on food. I love it. As anyone thats met me and knows me will testify. I have the size to prove it. Everything I do - everywhere I go involves food.

I hate (maybe thats a bit strong - dislike is probably better):

  • Fast food
  • MacDonalds fries (or similar)
  • bitter gourd
  • the idea of monkey brains
  • the idea of fried insects

I love everything else. I like indulging in good food. I want to try new things - but if I had to list 5 foodie things I love in Dubai - these would include (randomly of course)

  • WildPeeta's Magic Juice (its addictive)
  • Noodle House's Wasabi prawns (OMG - they are just to die for)
  • Noon-o-kebabs Kubideh 'sandwich'
  • Falafel sandwich (most places but the one in Satwa is pretty good)
  • Thai green curry from Thailand Restaurant in International city

Of course there are so many many more than these but these are random and affordable.

Keeping me well fed

Its a nightmare