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Local entrepreneurship

I have taken clients to radio stations for interviews but never actually been on the radio myself. Today for the first time I was invited by Mohammed al Awadhi aka @Wildpeeta (you haven't lived till you've tried his magic juice) to be part of a group of SMEs to help promote entrepreneurship not just in the community. I was honoured and delighted to be in the company of such dynamic, passionate young entrepreneurs like Moad Burkhash & Yasser Mastarihi of Contender MMA (mixed martial arts centre) on Twitter @contendermma ; Huda Serhan of Glow Skies (flying & floating paper lanterns) on Twitter @_hudz_ and @glowskies ; Al Joud Loota from Niftee (women and mens fashion design & graphic design) also on Twitter @NifteeAE . Jessica Swann did a fabulous job making us all feel so comfortable and shepherding us through the whole process, that before we realised it - two hours had flown past.

I was a bit lost not being able to tweet but we had so much to talk about - I felt we have just touched the tip of the iceberg and there is so much going on. I hope either we do or other SMEs get the opportunity to talk of their experiences and that there are people among the powers-that-be hear some of the very interesting experiences and make it easier for young entrepreneurs - whatever their nationality. I, for one, would love to see SMEs collaborate like we did today to share our experiences, help us grow. I think we would like to plot and plan and see it take root and grow. 

Maybe its time for another Social SME day. 

If you missed the DubaiToday show this morning, here are the podcasts of the show. Tell us what you think and join the conversation Sunday to Thursday on or on Twitter on #DubaiToday.

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