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Living in a cupboard

Harry Potter - eat your heart out!! I live in a broom cupboard that masquerades as a two bedroom accommodation.

I did not see the funny side of this place until my friend Carol decided she wanted to borrow the couch for an overnight stay. I caught up with her to show her around and give her a key, etc etc before she left for whatever dinner plans she had . Now we have been here (Dubai) awhile and lived in some pretty minuscule accommodation but despite repeated warnings - she was a bit - ahem - surprised.

We entered the porta-cabin through the "foyer" (2ft x 2ft) with its attached bathroom and cupboard (Harry Potter size used by my brother for now till I move out of the "master bedroom" into a place of my own on the East Coast of UAE - sometime soon I hope).

My bedroom was next. It is between the foyer and the living room - twice the size of the cupboard - with a window the size of a ship's port hole. It leads immediately (through a sliding door) to the living room.

The living room is the largest of the three rooms (that is a relative term of course) dominated by my giant TV but I refuse to give up some comforts. Besides - saves me having to wear reading glasses.

Then comes the kitchen (that can only be occupied by one person at a time) with its own attached bathroom (I use the term loosely - its a shower and toilet). To use the toilet - you have to angle yourself so that you can tuck your legs in under the sink. But then you save time and brush your teeth while you - urm - go about your business.

I know it sounds dire and dreadful but I have to be the only person on this planet with a kitchen that has its own attached bathroom. There is a funny side. Trust me.


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