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Lifestyle changes with an electronic nag

Philips has given me a new gadget to try out and I think it rocks. It's called Direct Life and though I've only been using it for around 2 weeks, it is making a difference to my lifestyle.

Before I gush further, it's not a revolutionary idea and yet it is. I am always on a health kick and keep falling off the wagon. I need someone to nag me to make sure I stay on that wagon and this little gizmo does just that. I get the odd email to nudge me to wear it and update my online diary. I also get told how little I need to do to make a small change. It also tells me how LITTLE I've done and lights up like a Christmas tree when I've exceeded my goal. And these goals it sets are achievable and doable. It works it out based on what you can or cannot do.

So far it's lit up like a Christmas tree twice in these two weeks. And my goal is to make it light up every day this week.

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