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Kitchen Catharsis

My friend Shelina (@shelo9) has already posted about my weekend decluttering session (and has done a pretty good job with both the decluttering and the post).

It was a cathartic session and under her advice, I took it further, finished off with the trays under the kitchen sink with a little help from the maid. Like the spice cupboard, we took every thing out and discovered the following things that I thought I didn't have any more and contemplate buying every now and again:

  • Washing up gloves - 3 pairs
  • Tea lights - close to 50 at least
  • Clothes pegs - now that I have a dryer I have no need for these
  • 3 packs of garbage bags
  • Scrubs and sponges
  • Charcoal lighters for the BBQ I no longer have or can use in this house
  • 2 sealed packs of super glue
  • Mop tops, dusters and shelf liners

So now the place is organised according to stuff for kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, supplies and washing machine stuff.

I got baskets for the knick knacks and they're carefully tagged and squirreled away.

There is something quite cathartic going into the kitchen this morning - there is space and it looks tidy and organised. 

Next job: my bathroom counter top. Thanks to Shelina's tips on blog, I know what needs to be done and if I need help, I know who to call.

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