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Keeping me well fed

Well fed in terms of RSS feeds I mean of course. 

Since I discovered the convenience of RSS feeds (should be the first thing you do when you set up a blog or a site that will have updated posts - so easy to do) a few years ago, I have not read my news in print. Except at work when I don't personally check the printed form but get the minions to do that. Most of my reading is done online through Google Reader where I can now share on Google+ and then use Hootlet to share on the other platforms.

But this is not about my reading and sharing habits. I wanted to give a shout out to several blogs that I personally enjoy reading  and look forward to their posts. And these are mostly personal. My favourite blogs - in alphabetical order include:

Ashish Panjabi - Blogging sans Training wheels : I like his take on life and insights into technology. He's one of the few that don't just preach but practice a lot of what he does advocate. RESPECT. Feed:

Dubai's Desperate Housewife: Exactly what the title suggests - I look forward to her posts because more often than not - it makes me giggle. Feed:

Expat: While the others are moderately interesting, I look forward to Annabel Kantaria's posts - gives you a different perspective sometimes on expat life in the Middle East. Feed:

Fake Plastic Souks: He's a friend and fellow PR practitioner and his posts do provoke a lot of debate especially on social media. His sense of  humour appeals to my funny bone. If you don't appreciate irony - move along, his posts might rub you up the wrong way.  Feed:

Living the Travel Channel: Love Karla's blog. It is a constant source of new experiences, reviews and posts on quirky stuff like the wierd and the wonderful - I've even gone to Greece vicariously. Feed:

Mich Café: This woman writes on everything and is my source of news, events and all things Lebanon. She puts in so much effort and research into her blog posts, they do evoke nostalgia. Feed:

Olives - The Blog Of The Book: Relatively new but it lets me dip back into parts of the book I thoroughly enjoyed and a glimpse into the world of self-publishing and Jordan (not necessarily in that order). It also means I curry favour with the author for a preview of his next book that I am really looking forward to. Feed:

Public relations and managing reputation: Okay so a work related one slipped into this list but I enjoy this blog because it gives you perspective and runs through some very key basics without being too preachy. Feed:

rural spirit: This is Masarat's blog. She doesn't post often but when she does - it is well worth the read and provokes you to act too.  Feed:

The Grumpy Goat: He moved from UAE to Qatar and I followed his escapades all the way. He has a great sense of humour and I thoroughly enjoy his posts. They are sporadic too but well worth following. Feed:

I hope you enjoy my selection and to the writers of all these blogs, thank you so much for keeping my reader well fed!

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