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Kathmandu Diaries - last full day - 24 Aug 08

I hate shopping. I should get that out of the way first. I am a list shopper. I make lists, (sometimes including where I need to get stuff) and take the money I have allocated for this (not always this organised) and get the shopping done. Today we shopped for the children - my way. I loved it. We had - or rather Ella and Carol had - made a list of all the clothes we needed from underwear to a set of semi warm clothes for the impending winter weather. We got clothes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, washing bowls, soaps, brushes, pegs, milk powder, fruit, more toys and books, and then drove to the Orphanage.

The car we had hired for the day was groaning under the combined weight of two fat women (Carol and Me), Ange and skinny Ella and the shopping. So we got another taxi and split some of the load and drove to the orphanage. Ella and I got there first and parked at the entrance of the alleyway so that Ange and Carol would not get lost. The kids were trickling back from school as we waited. All of them were very pleased - did cause quite a sensation with Ella - she is blonde, not shy (as she says herself) and just as pleased to see the kids and was hugging and kissing each child (especially the little ones). Some of the little ones got into the car with us and were so pleased to get a car ride to the orphanage. We distributed the clothes and stuff. It was bedlam. Ange was happily photographing everything. I took some. Most of the kids wore the new clothes immediately.

We had to leave soon as we had to meet the trekking company to run through our kit list for the planned trek in March. We were introduced to Kilroys. What a great place and superb food. Met Tina and Siling who joined us for dinner (unfortunately Ange could not join us). And we talked about everything - kit list, treks, seasons, politics, eco stuff, charity, flowers, birds, - everything. I am resolved. I am definitely moving here.

Tomorrow we have our last detail meeting with Ella and leave. Carol plans to be back in between.

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