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Kathmandu Diaries - day 4 (23 Aug 08)

Today was our “tourist” - we visited Bhaktapur, its temples and Nepalis on holiday. It was their weekend but also Krishna Jayanti. Being a good Hindu (well half at least), I knew that (not).

We got accosted by a guide as soon as the driver parked in the official parking area and were plied with people trying to sell their ware as we walked up. We did stop at a shop run by the disabled and I thought - if I am going to spend money - this is where I’ll do it. I am all for people who defy disabilities to stand on their own two feet. There were some nice jholas (long cloth bags) that I liked the look of but wasn’t sure if it would end up collecting dust somewhere. I wasn’t even sure I knew of anyone who would like it as a present.

Carol and I eschewed the services of the “guide” - Carol because she is a “pleb” (in her own words I might add) and me because I like wandering on my own. If I want a history lesson, I’d rather pick up a book and read about it. I wandered through - it was a hot day but not as yet unpleasant and walked past lots of tourist shops and then reached Durbar Square. Lots of photos. I found out later that there was an entrance fee but of course no one asked and I did not notice so I did not pay any. Perhaps because I was on my own. Carol thinks she got told to pay because she is a “whitey” and obviously a tourist. Hmm, wonder why that would be. Some advantages to being Indian.

I stopped and rested on the steps of one of the temples near the Nyapotala (I can’t remember the exact name) temple waiting for Carol to catch up. After a bit of people watching (a favourite pastime when I am out), it was getting to lunchtime and I went in search of Carol. We caught up - and had some very simple lunch at the Cafe Nyapotala in the centre near the temple and had the most divine, dhal, rice and palang (spinach) sautéed with garlic; finished with delicious Nepali masala chai. Yummy.

We wandered back to the car, picking up a pigeon-shit covered carved “tiger” (Carol), a silly hill hat (me for the Mad Hatters ball) and some Nepali flags for our stall at the country fair. We also picked up some CDs with the Buddhist chants. Very nice.

My tummy had reacted overnight to the overindulgence of pork I think but seemed to have settled by the end of the day. I was careful though.
We had a quiet evening in the hotel, downloading photographs from the camera, sorting through etc.

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