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Kathmandu Diaries Day 3 (22 Aug 08)

The highlight for today would be wild boar with chilli, meeting Ange and, oh yes, Carol’s tantrum this morning.

Slept in a bit (woke up around 8ish), had breakfast and checked emails but of course the Internet wasn’t working properly. Carol hasn’t worked out the connections on her new laptop so she was using mine to check her mail. She was getting a bit anxious about the one job she needed to finish and there was no word. No Internet meant that she needed to use my phone because hers wasn’t working. Lines in Nepal aren’t exactly brilliant and the harder it got for her to connect, the more anxious she got. The more anxious she got, I tried to help but that just irritated her no end. I could tell - so I just clammed up until she sorted herself out with no help from me. It did not help that it was a Friday (a holiday in the Middle East) and this is her key client and the job needed to go to the printer by Saturday/Sunday. It all got sorted in the end but not for wont of some huffiness on her part. I’m used to it. Normally I would ignore, but my hot flushes were getting the better of me and I was not amused. We’ve been there before. Eventually we got past this and went to Thamel.

There was a lot of traffic jams today - some sort of demonstration. It was a hot day but we walked from Durbar Marg to Thamel, did a little bit of shopping - I bought a silly T-shirt for Bish and Carol bought some beaded wrist bands to sell at our country fair that we plan to raise some money for the orphanage and the Fujairah charity. Ella was supposed to join us for lunch but it appeared that she was still stuck at some lecture in a government school where she was supposed to attend a talk on HIV. We wandered back to Durbar Marg, paid the driver to have lunch and went in search for some ourselves. Found this Saino place that specialised in Momos. They also had wild boar on the menu which we could not resist. It came. It was fatty, oily, spicy but absolutely tender and delicious. We pigged out on this and momos, realising at the end that the momos are made of flour (not rice flour like dumplings) and Carol has a gluten allergy! Too late.

Ella was delayed so we decided to meet Mita’s (my cousin) UNICEF friend, Lalita. She was lovely and very helpful. We chatted and told her about our project and she promised to find out more about the guy that runs the charity (an arsehole). We had a pleasant hour and left to go to Dolce Vita (Mita’s favourite hang out I understand) to meet her other friend, Ange. Ella was going to join us there. We drove there and Ella arrived, tired and hungry. We had been warned that the desserts were good, so we ordered some double chocolate mousse. Yummy - very rich and filling. Ange arrived and we instantly hit it off. Anyone passing by would have sworn that we were old friends. Ange is lovely. We talked about all sorts of things, from food to Nepal, to her job to hot flushes to everything. I definitely want to be in touch with her. She is joining us on our shopping and orphanage expedition on Sunday after which she has invited us all to her place for dinner.

I am convinced that I want to live in Nepal. I want a hut outside Kathmandu with a satellite dish for Internet and TV, a well and a generator (these last two are Ange’s additions). Anyone with available hut with these amenities in Nepal, please contact me.

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