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#JusticeforNatalie : Is your reputation worth the silence

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Dear Emirates Palace Hotel,

I know you did not mean for this to get so out of hand but I think you're realising quite quickly what your lack of humanity is costing you now. Your reputation. Thats huge.

I am sure you have a point of view and reasons that are not quite so clear right now but by keeping silent, you are just making it worse for you.

Your General Manager showed humanity by taking her to the hospital immediately. That was very humane of you. So why spoil that by keeping the family dangling? Your silence is only going to make matters worse especially if things take a turn for the worse. You really, really do not want that.

What are you worried about? That others may sue? Surely all businesses, especially a public one like yours, have insurance to cover such contingencies? Who is this insurance company that has not covered this claim? I know its difficult to put a number to a life but surely you could cover the medical expenses at least?

If you had been humane, many members of the same community that are showing you contempt and disdain now would willingly have joined you in fundraisers to help you support this young lady and her family.

Tell us your side of the story if you think what you're doing is right. Otherwise you're just coming across as a bully.

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